International Executive Services

Our International Executive Services (IES) practice is dedicated to helping global organizations and employees manage their international assignment programs. When an Employee is sent on an international assignment, a myriad of complex tax rules will apply, both in the employee’s home country as well as in the host country.

Through the application of best tax practices, our professionals provide tax planning to reduce the overall tax cost and burdens of the assignment. We provide both comprehensive tax compliance (e.g. return preparation) as well as advisory services to support the worldwide needs of global organizations and their assignees.

More Than Just Compliance:

Our international tax professionals prepare tax returns for international assignees, a service that is personalized for each assignee. Our objective, however, is to provide value far beyond the preparation of tax returns. By working closely with our clients, we provide consulting services that help derive long-term tax savings for both the organization and the international assignee.

Global Presence:

As the US member firm of WTS Alliance, our IES services are available in jurisdictions around the globe. Through an integrated team approach and high caliber professionals in each country, we offer a superior and cost-effective service model that ensures client satisfaction.

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